Watch The Original Pink And Green Ranger Cameo In Power Rangers Deleted Scene


While we’re still not sure if this year’s Power Rangers reboot will prove successful enough to warrant a sequel, let’s just enjoy the fact that a childhood favourite of many 90s children was brought to the big screen once again in the first place. Though it didn’t please everyone, there were several awesome moments – not least the cameo starring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stars Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson. Otherwise known to fans as Tommy the Green Ranger and Kimberly the Pink Ranger (a role played by Naomi Scott in the reboot).

In the movie, the pair appeared at the end of the Rangers’ big battle with Rita Repulsa and Goldar. As the townsfolk of Angel Grove gaze up in awe at the Megazord, Frank and Johnson can be seen in the crowd. A nice touch is that they’re wearing their respective Ranger colours. Their cameo could have been very different, however. Just see for yourself, as Jason David Frank has shared the original version of it on his Instagram account.

This scene focuses on Kimberly and Trini as they playfully show off their newfound enhanced agility and reflexes by fighting over their food at a restaurant. We then cut to Frank and Johnson, who are staring at the kids. As Frank points out, his hair in this scene is longer than it is in the actual cameo. In fact, it’s the exact same style of Tommy’s hair back in the original show.

Tell us, which of the two cameos did you prefer? Furthermore, are you interested in seeing a sequel to Power Rangers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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