Watch New Riddick Red Band Trailer


In case you missed it, Vin Diesel is a badass and this year, he’ll be back as the most badass character that he’s ever played in Riddickwhich now has a new red band trailer that looks absolutely killer.

And I do mean killer. Not much footage that we haven’t already seen but we get a glimpse of Vin Diesel chained up by mercenaries, nasty aliens and Vin Diesel threatening to kill a guy within the first five seconds. Then all hell breaks loose, there are a few seconds of some pretty kick-ass violence and … Vinnie keeps his promise. Hell yes he does.

What more can be said about Riddick except that it’s about Vin Diesel kicking some alien ass? You want plot? All right: Riddick has been marooned on a planet with some seriously screwed up aliens. His only recourse is to set off a signal to attract the nearest mercenaries so that he can find a way to escape from the little difficulty he’s in. The mercenaries come, and they are predictably at the mercy of Riddick’s vicious abilities, and the aliens’ general nastiness. We all know by now not to mess with Vin Diesel so I have to ask, why do people persist on messing with Vin Diesel?

But who really cares about plot? Riddick. Vin Diesel. Aliens. Knives. What looks like a space-age motorcycle being jumped over a chasm. That’s all we need to know.

Riddick is the third in the trilogy, alongside the stellar Pitch Black and the slightly less stellar The Chronicles of Riddick. Katee Sackoff and Karl Urban co-star with the bald man.

You can check out the latest red band trailer for Riddick below. NSFW, I guess, although it’s pretty much just a bit of swearing and some unsurprising violence.

Riddick will hit theatres September 6th, 2013.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments. Badass or mecha-badass? You can decide for yourself.