Watch: Riz Ahmed protects his kids from aliens in ‘Encounter’ trailer


Riz Ahmed is well on his way to cementing a reputation as one of the very best actors in the business, and his stock has never been higher after his recent Academy Award nomination for an astounding performance in Sound of Metal, where he played a drummer unable to come to terms with losing his hearing.

The 38-year-old has also become increasingly vocal about becoming more selective with the roles he chooses, so anything he signs onto is guaranteed to be watchable at the very least. Throw in an interesting trailer and a unique premise and Encounter has the makings of an accomplished genre-bending thriller.

the encounter

Ahmed stars as Malik Khan, an Army veteran who returns home to his family only to end up taking his kids on the run from the military in an effort to protect them from the impending threat of an alien invasion, doing everything in his power to keep his family safe.

The promo makes it look like a winning blend of high concept sci-fi, gritty thriller, and moving family drama all at once, and if the footage has caught your attention, then you’re in luck. Encounter is coming to Prime Video on Dec. 10, a week after a limited theatrical release.