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Watch: Sauron returns in new ‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ trailer

'Have you heard of him, lad? Have you heard of Sauron?'

You still have reservations about the new Tolkien adaptation, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and with good reason, too. But not after you watch this latest trailer, because Amazon has heard you loud and clear.

During today’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the crew of the new ambitious live-action adaptation took to the stage to talk about all things Middle-earth. After an epic orchestra led by Bear McCreary, who serves as composer on the series alongside Howard Shore, Amazon unveiled a brand new trailer that runs for a whopping 3 minutes, telling you and showing you everything you need to know about The Rings of Power.

Elves, Númenóreans, Dwarves, Harfoots, Ents, Orcs, and mysterious signs of the Enemy’s return. Could any fan ask for more? Oh, and apparently, there’ll also be a Balrog in The Rings of Power, so do with that information what you will.

As for the orchestra that has been giving fans an unhealthy dose of nostalgia to contend with, it seems that McCreary (known for his work on series such as Outlander and 2018’s God of War) is going for something novel, though there are hints of Howard Shore’s melodious music embedded somewhere in there.

To get a better sense of what we’re talking about, here’s a part of the performance shared by fans on Twitter:

This new adaptation, delving into the Second Age of Middle-earth and chronicling Sauron’s rise to power and ending with the War of the Last Alliance, is expected to drop on Prime Video come Sept. 1.

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