Watch Seven Seconds Of High-Octane Combat From Furious 7


It’s rather apt that the marketing team at Universal Pictures is taking full advantage of Vine to drip feed teaser clips for Furious 7 all this week in the build-up to the full trailer. Not only is it the perfect platform to showcase a fast-paced action film, all wonderfully contained within a seven second window, but it’s also a great means of debuting supercuts of the movie without revealing too much.

With the full trailer set to go live on Saturday, November 1st, Universal’s latest snippet showcases some of the film’s close-quarters fight sequences. Ludacris, the late Paul Walker and (we assume) Michelle Rodriguez all make minor cameos here in this behind-the-scenes clip, which also hints at some of the globetrotting film’s locations.

Following the events of Fast and Furious 6, Dom and the crew find themselves between the crosshairs of Jason Statham’s Ian, who seeks vengeance for his brother, Owen Shaw. Those who caught the end credits scene from the previous film will know all to well that Statham’s marauding character means business, after he quickly dispatched of fan favorite Han.

Given the tragic death of star Paul Walker, we understand that much of the actor’s remaining scenes will be filled by the actor’s brothers, Caleb and Cody — in fact, it may be one of the siblings you can see in the above Vine.

Either way, Furious 7 is on track to release on April 3rd, 2015. Without doubt, this is an important entry into Universal’s long-running franchise and it’ll be interesting to see in which direction James Wan (Insidious) steers the series.

We’ll have a full report of the Furious 7 trailer when it releases on the film’s official Facebook page on Saturday, November 1st.