Watch: Sharks Of The Corn Trailer Takes A Bite Out Of The Midwest

Sharks of the Corn

Shark movies, like found footage, zombie flicks and subpar comedies starring Adam Sandler, are never going to go out of fashion. While the summer release schedule is lacking any big budget examples trying to get cinemagoers to take them seriously, we will be getting the clearly demented Sharks of the Corn, for which a trailer has now been released.

The plot, insofar as such a word will even be applicable, involves a serial killer arrested in a Kentucky farming town, the local police chief trying to ascertain if her missing sister is one of his victims, and the townsfolk going up against a megalomaniacal shark-worshipping cult who are planning world domination using cornfields and killer fish for an unspecified reason that probably won’t even make sense. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this!

Going by what’s seen in the trailer, such as cheap camerawork, ropey VFX shots and no audible dialogue (likely to disguise the questionable talents of the actors), this is going to be pure B-movie trash, and that should be taken as a reason to seek it out rather than stay far away from it.

Numerous titles have exploited the low expectations of the subgenre to justify people still being in danger on land, such as the sharks-swimming-through-sand of Sand Sharks, or Ghost Shark, where a spectral great white attains the ability to leap out of even the smallest volume of water regardless of location. However, a murderous shiver menacing unsuspecting victims in Midwest farmland might just top even those.

The marketing attempts to sell Sharks of the Corn as a riff on Children of the Corn, even going so far as to credit it to non-existent creator Steven Kang, but aside from the superficial similarities of an agricultural setting and a murderous cult, any recognizable parallels are likely to be purely coincidental.