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Watch: ‘Slumberland’ clip finds Jason Momoa on a fantastical adventure

Netflix is diving headfirst into the blockbuster fantasy business.

Jason Momoa might have spent the majority of his career honing his action hero chops in movies like Justice League, Aquaman, Braven, Sweet Girl, and the upcoming Fast X, but Netflix’s Slumberland sees the actor taking his talents into the realms of full-blown family-friendly fantasy.

Directed by The Hunger Games and Constantine‘s Francis Lawrence, the blockbuster adventure finds Momoa’s Flip teaming up with Marlow Barkley’s Nema, a young girl who discovers a map to the titular location, where they forge a wholesome alliance to cross dreams and nightmares alike so that she can be reunited with her late father.

History has shown that November has always been a hugely popular month for big budget fantasy on the big screen, and while Slumberland will be available to watch exclusively from the comfort of your own home, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to draw in a sizeable audience given the whimsical visuals and overwhelming sense of lighthearted fun.

Based on the footage, Slumberland is going to be a treat for the eyes, and while it’s clear Momoa may have been having a little trouble speaking with those fangs trapped in his mouth for the duration of the shoot, it looks to be the sort of broad, wide-ranging flick that families can enjoy together, which is about as close to a guarantee of big viewing numbers as you can imagine.

Slumberland premieres on November 18, and it’s got more than enough in the tank to emerge as a major late-year success story for Netflix, as well as giving Momoa another hit under his belt as he awaits the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom just like the rest of us.

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