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Watch: Sylvester Stallone Shares Last Day Of Shooting On The Expendables 4

Sylvester Stallone has shared a behind the scenes video as he finishes his final day of shooting on The Expendables 4.


Questions surrounding the movie we all believe to be The Expendables 4 continue, with Sylvester Stallone revealing that he’s already finished filming on the action sequel, which comes just sixteen days after director Scott Waugh first called action.

Before its existence was confirmed, Stallone was teasing that Jason Statham spinoff A Christmas Story would be announced shortly, only for the news to come burdened with the Expendables tag. However, Lee Christmas may end up being the main man this time around if Barney Ross is only needed for two and a half weeks.

You can watch Sly’s video below, where he looks a little sad to be hanging up Barney’s lucky ring for what may prove to be the final time.

Almost as soon as the project was announced, theories were making the rounds that the leader of the aging badasses would be bumped off early in the story, and that looks to have gained a lot of credence now that Stallone is bidding farewell to longtime co-stars Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture.

Maybe The Expendables 4 has incorporated elements of A Christmas Story, killing Barney to send the team on an R-rated revenge mission with his right-hand man now calling the shots.

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