Watch: Terrifying New Train To Busan 2: Peninsula Trailer Debuts

Train to Busan 2: Peninsula

Whether you’re just a casual fan of the shuffling undead or a hardcore zombie lover, Yeon Sang-ho’s 2016 horror flick Train To Busan is well worth a watch.

Part 28 Days Later, part World War Z, mixed with a sprinkling of Shaun Of The Dead, the outbreak thriller dishes out horrific action at a breakneck speed. What’s most impressive about the movie though is that it’s a zombie film with a beating heart hidden at its core and a brain between its zombified ears. Be it the fraught relationship drama between a loving father and his daughter, or the touching bond between a happily married couple who’re expecting, the characterization was well written and terrifically acted throughout.

Thankfully, a sequel by the name of Train To Busan 2: Peninsula is now on the way and earlier today, the studio dropped another new trailer for the pic. Seen up above, it’s another delicious look at the follow-up and teases what appears to be a wild and heart-stopping ride, one we can’t wait to take.

Though Peninsula is being billed as a sequel, director Yeon Sang-ho has already explained that it won’t be a direct continuation of what happened in Train to Busan. Rather, the sequel will explore a storyline that takes place “in the same universe.” Specifically, Peninsula will be set fours years after the events of the original.

As of yet, there’s no US release date pegged down for Train To Busan 2: Peninsula, and given all the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that may remain the case for a while. It will, however, begin rolling out overseas this summer, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it makes its way over to this side of the pond as well.