Watch: ‘The Batman’ reveals 5 minute deleted Joker scene


With The Batman currently killing it at the box office, director Matt Reeves took to Twitter Thursday to tease a deleted scene with a certain wisecrack-obsessed supervillain, not to mention a new set of riddles to unpack on the movie’s promotional tie-in website.

We’ve already cracked the riddles and unlocked the much-hyped deleted scene for your enjoyment, so don’t worry about over-exerting yourself.

“Who gets the last laugh…?” Reeves tweeted alongside a screen shot of what is Barry Keoghan’s primordial Clown Prince of Crime.

Hopping over to the website Reeves referenced,, a trio of new riddles appeared.

To wit: a wild card in the truest sense.

It’s not a joke, but sometimes you need to shout it twice to really mean it.

Once you’ve been set up, it hits you at the end. Straight on.

The answers are “joker,” “ha,” and “punchline,” respectively. And once you type in the final answer, the video will pop up.

In the clip, Keoghan is largely out of focus the entire time. But, you do see his patches of green hair, what appears to be burned or greatly scarred skin, a red-painted perpetual grin, and you hear his slimy manner of speaking.

The scene in question sees Robert Pattinson’s Batman interrogating Joker at Arkham State Hospital, trying to find some insight into who the masked serial killer, Paul Dano’s Riddler, really is. The pair obviously have some kind of past history with each other, since Joker calls it the one-year anniversary of their first meeting. The scene has major Hannibal Lecter vibes from Silence of the Lambs.

By the end of the clip, we finally see Keoghan’s mangled, snaggle-toothed face in focus, and it’s unsurprisingly terrifying.

The Batman is in theaters now.