Watch: The hunt is on in first trailer for ‘Prey’

Image via 20th Century Fox

Depending on how much of a Predator fan one considers themselves, today’s official arrival of 20th Century Studios’ Prey trailer may not be much of an occasion. Despite requests from the film’s director, Dan Trachtenberg, for fans not to watch last week’s leaked version, millions cared little about exercising patience.

If, however, you’ve been able to wait for the real deal, so to speak, to emerge, the first look at 20th Century’s latest attempt to rejuvenate a flagging franchise is here. Does the sci-fi actioner promise to demolish expectations when it lands on Hulu (or Disney Plus, for international audiences) later this summer? Not really, but the premise, at least, is somewhat novel.

Taking place three centuries prior to Arnie’s iconic duel with a hunt-obsessed extraterrestrial, Prey sees Naru, a member of a Native American tribe, reluctantly take on a foe like no other. Outmatched both physically and technologically, Naru enlists the help of fellow tribe members to eliminate the threat to her people, though based on past encounters (or future, if we’re talking in-universe chronology), the outcome doesn’t look good for Naru’s comrades.

Joining Amber Midthunder (Naru) are Dakota Beavers, Michelle Thrush and Dane LiLiegro, the latter of which will be suiting up to play the fearsome Yautja warrior. Whether this latest installment will have any ties with the wider franchise whatsoever remains to be seen, though we’ll all be finding out just how deep the rabbit hole goes when Prey skulks into theaters on Aug. 5. Watch this space.