Watch: They’re Outside Trailer Brings Supernatural Scares Home This Halloween


Spooky season isn’t over yet, and a trailer for an upcoming horror film, They’re Outside, brings the fear and right to your own home this October. While the movie made its debut in August of 2020 at Frightfest, it’s being released on VOD this month.

While we’ve all been diving into all things scary for weeks, there’s something about this upcoming thriller that is sure to pack a terrifying punch and stick with viewers long after the movie ends.

The synopsis for the film is as follows:

“The film is presented as a documentary focused on an unaired episode of the YouTube show Psychology-Inside/Out, where celebrity psychologist Max Spencer diagnoses and treats patients with various mental illnesses. After filming the episode he and his girlfriend Nicole, who also served as his cameraperson, disappeared off the face of the earth.

The description goes on to focus on the specific “episode” of the unaired show that They’re Outside focuses on.

For the episode Max had planned to focus on Sarah, a woman living near Hastings and suffering from severe agoraphobia. Max boasts that he can not only help Sarah, he can also have her leave her home in only ten days time. Once there Max and Nicole learn that Sarah believes in the local legend of Green Eyes, a practitioner of magic who would spirit people away to his home, after which they would never be seen or heard from again. Initially dismissive that the legend is real, several supernatural occurrences begin to prove Max otherwise.”

Many of us have been spending more time than ever before at home; this is certain to strike a real sense of fear within viewers — home is supposed to feel safe. What happens when it isn’t?

The film stars Emily Booth, Tom Clayton-Wheatley, Nicholas Vince, and Chrissy Randall. You can stream They’re Outside just in time for Halloween as it hits video-on-demand on October 29th.