Watch Thomas Jane’s Return As The Punisher

Thomas Jane has played Marvel’s The Punisher once before in 2004 and now he has returned to the role in a short film titled Dirty Laundry. The film was shown at Comic-Con this past weekend and also stars the great Ron Perlman in a little cameo role.

Before you watch it though, let it be known that it is strictly red band and contains a whole lot of violence and swearing, which, to be honest, are the perfect ingredients for a Punisher film.

Personally, I thought Jane was great as Frank Castle/The Punisher back in 2004, the film itself had a number of issues but I hold nothing against Jane’s performance. The same can be said for Dirty Laundry, which has Jane comfortably settling into the role, but doesn’t offer much else.

It spends way too much time watching The Punisher…..not punishing anyone. It’s almost like he is waiting for an excuse to get violent. For instance, we have a scene with a small boy being beaten up by some thugs and Castle just stands there watching, definitely not The Punisher I know and love.

Despite the obvious effort that has been put into this and Jane’s appreciation of the character, Dirty Laundry is just another title to add to the list of Punisher films that seem to continuously fail to understand the character and his motivations.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.