Watch: Trailer drops for ‘The Requin,’ in which Alicia Silverstone is pursued by great white sharks


You can now watch the first trailer for Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper’s new thriller movie, The Requin. The film, due out 2022, follows Silverstone and Tupper as a couple on vacation in Vietnam. 

“We’re here for this,” Tupper’s character says while gesturing to the wide open ocean before them. But their holiday takes a dramatic turn when a storm destroys their bungalow and sends them out to sea. The couple struggle to survive on the flotsam of their retreat as Silverstone’s character, Jaelyn, fights against the elements while protecting her injured husband.

You can watch what happens when sharks, ever the iconic aquatic horror, reach the stranded couple in the trailer below.

The Requin’s poster also seems to pay homage to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, which gave the animal the blood-thirsty reputation.

The Requin is written and directed by the Vietnamese filmmaker Le-Van Kiet, best known for his 2019 martial-arts film Furie. Produced by Film Bridge International and filmed at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, the film’s producers have touted its nearly 1,000 VFX shots. The title is being distributed by Saban Films.

The Requin was initially scheduled to premiere in June of this year, but has been rescheduled to a Jan. 28 release date with a limited theatrical release.