Watch The US Trailer For Lay The Favorite With Bruce Willis & Rebecca Hall

Bruce Willis is showing no sign of slowing down his career as of late, especially since he hasn’t appeared to have aged in the last two decades or so. Sure, he’s a little balder and probably a little less inclined to do his own stunts, but Willis still has a lot of star power and has featured in a whopping 6 features this year alone. Show-off.

His latest project, Stephen Frears‘ seemingly comic caper Lay The Favorite, has just released its first US trailer, which also features the lovely Rebecca Hall in a starring role. The plot is described as follows:

Beth Raymer (Rebecca Hall) is a beautiful girl with a big heart who leaves her dancing job at a Florida strip club to become a Las Vegas cocktail waitress. Not exactly an ideal career choice, but her borderline-ditzy personality doesn’t give her many options. In walks Dink (Bruce Willis), a professional sports bettor who sees through her bubbly exterior and offers her a job placing wagers all over town to gain an advantage over the casinos. Her surprisingly impeccable mind for numbers soon cements her status as Dink’s good-luck charm, until his gorgeous-but-frigid wife, Tulip, starts to get jealous. Faced with no other choice but to fire Beth, Dink’s luck runs out when she heads to New York to work for a smarmy bookie, a turn of events that lands her squarely on the wrong side of the law.

The early reviews haven’t been too kind to this flick so far, which doesn’t bode well for its box office receipts. So really, when you think about it, the most notable part of all this concerns the title of the movie: given that favorite is spelt “favourite” in the UK, and “favorite” in the US, this might just turn out to be the most interesting case of titular excitement since Inglourious Bastards went out on posters spelt like that.

Or not.

So what’s the betting that this is going to be a huge flop? Let us know in the comments section below.