Watch First Trailer For Single Shot Action Thriller Victoria


One of the most-talked about elements of this season’s awards darling Birdman is the one fluid shot that makes up the entire movie. In actuality, the seamless feature utilized effects wizardry to cut together different scenes so as to appear like one long tracking shot. If that prospect had you tickled at the ingenuity of cinema, then you’ll definitely want to take a peek at the trailer for action flick, Victoria.

Directed by Sebastian Schipper, and lensed by cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grovlen, the film consists of one, long uninterrupted two-hour take. The very fact that the pair managed to execute such a detailed shoot is staggering, considering the content of the movie. Storywise, it follows a young woman named Victoria (Laia Costa), who meets four young men as she dances her way around the Berlin music scene. One of the lads piques her interest, and the pair begin a brief romance before they’re drawn into the perils of a dangerous evening.

Aside from a corking trailer, it’s received a wealth of strong critical notices. It recently debuted at the Berlin Film Festival where it was awarded the Outstanding Artistic Contribution Silver Bear by jury president Darren Aronofsky, who chimed in to say “This film rocked my world.” That seal of approval from such a visionary filmmaking talent makes this a flick to watch out for.

Victoria is expected to land in the U.S. sometime in 2015.

Victoria, a young Spanish woman, dances through the Berlin scene with abandon. She meets four mates outside a club who introduce themselves as Sonne, Boxer, Blinker and Fuß. They quickly get chatting. Sonne and Victoria take a fancy to each other and slip away from the group at the first opportunity. But their tender flirting is rudely interrupted by the others because, for these pals, the night is far from over. To settle an old debt they have to pull off a dodgy deal. And because one of them is too drunk, they decide that Victoria, of all people, should take over the role of driver. What began as a game suddenly becomes deadly serious.

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