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Watch: Tyler Perry is unhinged in Netflix’s ‘A Madea Homecoming’ trailer

Madea is up to her criminally-inclined but well-meaning shenanigans once again in the latest trailer from Netflix.

Hallelujer! Madea fans can finally shout with joy that the no-nonsense Tyler Perry character is now headed for Netflix in A Madea Homecoming. And by the looks of the trailer, the matriarch of the Simmons clan with a hilariously long rap sheet is just as unhinged as ever.

It’s been almost three years since Perry donned his infamous Madea costume for a film, with the last cinematic outing in the franchise being 2019’s A Madea Family Funeral.

The actor, writer, and director also reprised the role on the stage, where the character originated, in 2020’s Madea’s Farewell Play. A Madea Homecoming seems to possibly be an adaptation of the play, as the plot similarly centers around Madea’s great-grandson’s college graduation occasioning a huge family gathering.

The Perry-created spinoff sitcom, House of Payne, where Madea occasionally cameos, is still going strong as the longest-running TV series with a predominantly African American cast, with its 10th season slated to appear on BET May 25.

The over-the-top Madea character has an impressively long list of comedy movies that even towers over Jim Varney’s Ernest P. Worrell. Both characters also have a “…Goes to Jail” titled film. The two franchises each boast a diehard fandom for those in the know but mostly generate puzzled looks from the unfortunate souls who find themselves in the outgroup. Both franchises have generally received negative film reviews from critics, with few exceptions, despite the loyal fanbase.

However, unlike Ernest, the humor from Madea is decidedly less infantile and slapstick-focused, though there is still some of the latter. Instead, the comedy in Madea’s films is more geared toward mature audiences, with most of the movies in the franchise having a PG-13 — rather than a PG — rating. There is usually a heartwarming arc of a family coming together to overcome some kind of serious issue in each film, guided along the way by Madea’s rough-around-the-edges techniques of family management.

This latest flick, which will be Madea’s first to make its premiere on the streaming platform, will be no different. In the trailer, she’s up to her criminally-inclined but well-meaning shenanigans once again, such as letting off a handgun in the house to get the family’s attention and lifting a new visitor up by the collar.

“Sometimes you just gotta do crazy stuff,” the God-fearing Madea says.

A Madea Homecoming comes to Netflix on Feb. 25.

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