Watch: Vin Diesel Defies The Laws Of Physics In New Fast & Furious 9 Clip

Fast & Furious

Nobody goes to see a Fast & Furious movie expecting a hard-hitting character piece punctuated by a gritty sense of realism once the action inevitably takes to the streets. No, the people want absolute nonsense of the most preposterously entertaining kind, and that’s what made the franchise so universally popular after it reinvented itself a decade ago from a string of mid-budget action thrillers to $200 million blockbuster behemoths.

Very little makes sense in the world of The Fast Saga, and the filmmakers know that full well, yet continue to lean even further into it for the sake of our enjoyment. Indeed, action on an epic scale is clearly a global language when you consider F9 has made more than $230 million at the international box office in just over a week, and it’s coming to domestic screens in 23 days.

As the final marketing push begins, a new clip has now arrived that sums up Fast & Furious in all of its unhinged brilliance. Vin Diesel’s Dom and Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty are being shot at by a helicopter, so they naturally decide to drive straight off a cliff and fortuitously hinge the front wheel in the process, which swings them right the way around the face of a mountain to the other side, where their vehicle rolls about a dozen times before coming to a stop the right way up, and not a hair is out of place on Letty’s head.

It’s the sort of absolute disregard for physics and gravity that fans of the franchise fell in love with a long time ago, and if they’re giving this clip away for free, then you can guarantee that Fast & Furious 9 as a whole is ten times as crazy.