Watch: VOIR Docuseries Trailer Celebrates Cinema


VOIR, a new documentary series from Netflix, will be celebrating cinema with a series of visual essays next month.

Discussing the impacts of film’s most powerful images, we hear a variety of voices in the trailer speaking about how those moments impacted their film viewings while a montage of classic movie clips are reflected in a looming eyeball.

We see classic scenes flash by on the screen from films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Godfather Part II, In The Heat of the Night, and Amadeus. The docuseries is sure to be a delight for cinephiles everywhere.

The series is executive produced by Fight Club director David Fincher and The Empty Man director David Prior. VOIR will explore the personal connections we have to the stories we see on the big screen, ranging from intimate personal histories to insights on character and craft and exploring why cinema holds a special place in our lives, according to Netflix’s synopsis.

“Film lovers examine the cinematic moments that thrilled, perplexed, challenged, and forever changed them in this collection of visual essays,” the description went on to say.

By now, Fincher is something of a household name in terms of heavy-hitting Hollywood directors. Though he made a rocky feature-length directorial debut with the critically-derided Alien 3 after previously helming a number of short films and music videos, Fincher has since established himself as one of the most seminal directors of his generation, bringing us a number of cherished films including 2010’s The Social Network, 1995’s Se7en, 2007’s Zodiac, and 2020’s Mank, among many other critically hailed films.

Prior is a lesser-known director, but his 2020 supernatural thriller The Empty Man has garnered a cult following after a lackluster box office and critical reception. It has since been regarded as underrated by some critics upon its home media release.

The VOIR docuseries is set for release on Netflix Dec. 6.