Watch: Willy’s Wonderland Trailer Teases Nicolas Cage’s Craziest Movie Yet

Willy's Wonderland

Do you want to see Nicolas Cage doing Nicolas Cage things while trapped in an amusement park populated by murderous animatronic animal mascots? Of course you do, and the batsh*t crazy trailer for Willy’s Wonderland is here to make your day.

Having spent years churning out painfully mediocre and frequently terrible action thrillers exclusively for the VOD market, a lightbulb appears to have gone off in the actor’s head. While Bruce Willis is happy to keep bringing us absolute garbage that doesn’t require him to even try and look interested, Cage has gone off the deep in in the best way possible.

The 56 year-old seems hellbent to find the craziest projects that he can, before jumping into them headfirst. Indeed, we’ve recently seen him play a martial arts master battling aliens in Jiu Jitsu, while he went for broke in existential Lovecraftian horror Color Out of Space.

This year, meanwhile, we’re going to witness him venturing into a dark supernatural universe in Prisoners of the Ghostland, and play a fictionalized version of himself that gets caught up with drug cartels and the CIA in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, but Willy’s Wonderland is first out of the gate and arrives on February 12th.

Fans of high art need not apply, but for those who love their B-movies full of blood, gore, humor and the sort of ridiculously overzealous performances that only Nic Cage can bring to a role, Willy’s Wonderland is going to be appointment viewing when it drops. Sure, it’ll probably be terrible on most levels, but the footage in the first trailer is enough to guarantee that it’s going to be one of the wildest rides of the year.