Watch Woody Allen Go Pimpin’ In Fading Gigolo Trailer


It’s hard out here for a pimp, and I would imagine it’d be especially hard if you’re Woody Allen. While you might not think Woody Allen when you think pimp, John Turturro certainly did when he was casting his film Fading Gigolo. And, based on the trailer that hit today, it was a pretty good idea.

Woody Allen plays a bookseller who becomes the pimp of John Turturro’s middle-aged gigolo, apparently in a sort of off-the-cuff way. Turturro goes on to bring love into the lives of the likes of Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara, all in an attempt to help out his friend Murray (Allen) make some money. Lucky Turturro.

While the plot itself could go into comic or dramatic territory, this one looks like it’s solidly in the comic genre. Turturro is a reluctant Don Juan, with Allen doing his best Woody Allen impression to get his friend into the hustling business. Vergara and Stone are apparently randy women looking for some crazy sex and also, sweetly, some human contact. Fading Gigolo could very well go into warm and fuzzy territory before it’s through.

While Allen did not have a hand in the script – it was written and directed by Turturro himself – the whole trailer certainly has a Woody Allen feel to it. Whether that’s good or bad must depend on your feelings towards Allen. Turturro has had fairly good success in the director’s chair so far: remember Coffee and Cigarettes? It’s also nice to see Allen in a film that he did not direct.

Fading Gigolo will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

You can check out the trailer for Fading Gigoloalong with some new stills from the film, below. Once you’ve done so, let us know if you’re excited to see Woody Allen go pimpin’?

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