Watch: Zack Snyder Teases Chilling New Steppenwolf Clip From Justice League


One of the many disappointing elements of 2017’s Justice League was Steppenwolf, who was not only realized with less-than-stellar CGI, but was also underwritten and, overall, just came across as a weak villain. That’s one of the things fans are hoping to see fixed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which finally hits HBO Max next month. And ahead of its release, Snyder has shared yet another sneak peek at his director’s cut on social media.

The filmmaker took to Vero to release a 15-second silent clip from a black-and-white cut of the film, as he’s teasing that he’s “working on justice is gray edition.” The footage shows Steppenwolf in action, with the general from Apokolips looking unstoppable as he takes out the Amazons of Themyscira while seeking the first of the three Mother Boxes.

This part of the storyline will remain essentially the same from the theatrical release, then. After originally trying to conquer the planet for Darkseid in ancient times, Steppenwolf returns to Earth to unite the Mother Boxes and terraform the world. The first is on Themyscira, the second in Atlantis and the third is in the custody of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Expect some major changes along the way, though. For one, Steppenwolf’s superior will make at least a couple of appearances in the director’s cut, as young Darkseid, Uxas, will turn up during the flashbacks to the original battle for the planet and will also make himself known to the League at the end of the film, teasing a potential sequel. Ray Porter will be playing Darkseid, while Ciaran Hinds once again voices Steppenwolf.

Of course, Hinds is one of the many cast members to have praised the existence of the Snyder Cut, remaking how pleased he is that the director got to realize his vision. Hopefully his character specifically will fare a lot better this time around. He certainly looks tougher and more imposing than he did in the Whedon cut.

Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguea four-hour epic, drops March 18th on HBO Max.