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Watch: Sony’s ready to scare you with YouTube release of short film ‘BLINK’

Making its debut at South by Southwest, the 'Scream Gems' horror short 'BLINK' is now available to stream at home.

Sony Pictures has today released the Scream Gems short film BLINK in its entirety on their YouTube channel.

The ten-minute-long short film showcases Mary, a woman who has suffered an accident and is now bound to a hospital bed with no way to move or talk, though she can still see around the room.

While almost completely immobile she is being haunted by an inhuman force with sinister intentions. Using her blinking to communicate she attempts to tell the nurse of the otherworldly force before something terrible happens.

Taking place entirely in one location with only a three-person cast, the movie captures suspense and tension with its limited action and dark eerie visuals.

The film toys with the condition of sleep paralysis, be it with much more dire consequences than usual. The production, written by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, is the first release through Sony’s new branch of their Screen Gems incubator program.

This program gives up-and-coming filmmakers the opportunity to demonstrate their talents by crafting shorts with the intention of landing a full film deal.

BLINK debuted earlier this week at SXSW but has since been added to YouTube where viewers can check it out for free.

Speaking to Slashfilm, the duo behind the film explained that the idea initially began as a feature before being reverse-engineered as a short. While they haven’t yet written a feature based around the concept, it is still being envisioned as one and could potentially get the movie treatment in the future.

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