WB Eyeing Colin Farrell For New Constantine Movie


Matt Ryan plays John Constantine on TV’s Legends of Tomorrow, but it seems like Warner Bros. has plans to reboot the Hellblazer on the big screen in the near future. We Got This Covered has been informed by a source that the studio’s working on a new Constantine movie and they’ve already got their preferred star for the role lined up: Colin Farrell.

We’ve heard that the Dumbo actor is WB’s top choice to play the English exorcist and sorcerer, but it’s far from a done deal yet and for now, they’re just keeping their eye on him as the project continues to develop. Following on from our recent report that said WB’s looking to split the DCEU into the old universe and a new continuity, we can confirm that Constantine will be set in the latter, alongside other projects like The Batman and Supergirl and disconnected from Aquaman, Wonder Woman 1984 and so on.

If you’ll recall, Constantine was originally supposed to have appeared in the DCEU many years ago in Guillermo del Toro’s planned Justice League Dark movie. For a while, Doug Liman was then going to helm the project, but we haven’t had any new updates on that front since 2017, when Doctor Strange‘s Jon Spaihts was hired to rewrite the script. Liman did say last year that he wasn’t ruling out the idea of returning to direct, but this news seemingly suggests JLD is dead.

Of course, the character made his cinematic debut in the 2005 flick starring Keanu Reeves. Traditionally, it was criticized for playing fast and loose with the comics, but it’s a cult favorite nowadays. In fact, Reeves revealed recently that he’d love to reprise his role. His legion of fans would no doubt love that, too, but WB was never going to make a belated sequel to a movie that didn’t have a whole lot of impact at the time.

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