WB Wants A Person Of Color To Play Catwoman In The Batman


With Robert Pattinson now locked in for the title role, Warner Bros. is currently on the hunt for some talent to face off against him in The BatmanWithout a doubt, the character that’s getting the most interest online at the moment is Catwoman, who’s said to be one of the six or possibly even seven villains that’ll be causing trouble for Bruce in Matt Reeves’ upcoming pic.

Already, a number of high profile actresses have been linked to the role of Selina Kyle, with names such as Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens and Aubrey Plaza all popping up over the past few months, but so far, at least, WB has yet to announce anything. And while it’s unclear who exactly’s on their radar, Heroic Hollywood brings news today that they’ve switched directions.

While originally they wanted a white actress for the part, as evident by the names mentioned above, the studio is now apparently seeking a person of color. According to HH, they’re looking for a “Zoe Kravitz-type” actress to play Catwoman, but Kravitz herself has been ruled out given that she’s too busy to take on the part right now.

Whoever Warner Bros. ends up going with, let’s just hope they make the right choice. After all, we really need a definitive live-action version of Selina Kyle. Anne Hathaway’s iteration in The Dark Knight Rises was the closest character-wise, and Michelle Pfeiffer did good work in Batman Returns, but we still have’t got the perfect union of those two.

Fingers remain crossed then that The Batman gives us a portrayal of Catwoman that will please longtime DC Comics fans. Then again, given Pattinson’s casting, don’t be surprised if the studio goes with a totally unexpected and controversial choice, as it’s clear that they’re not intent on sticking to popular picks for the project.