WB Releases Three New Joker Posters


Even though it’s always great seeing new stills offered up by some of the major movie magazines, there’s nothing quite like seeing new footage while we attempt tiding ourselves over for a certain theatrical release. And on that note, I’ll reference the new Joker trailer that dropped earlier today. Considering how that’s my most anticipated film for 2019, you’d better believe I’m geeked.

Amazingly, the new video package managed to contain lots of new footage, yet didn’t reveal too much about the overall plot. Regardless, it’s apparent we’re watching a man’s gradual descent into madness, thus leading to his emergence as an original take on the iconic Clown Prince of Crime. I’m sure some folks will erroneously think this flick is painting him to be a hero of some sort, but not everyone is able to think critically.

To complement the aforementioned trailer, Warner Bros. have now released three brand new posters in advance of Joker‘s theatrical run. Seen in the gallery below, each show off Joaquin Phoenix in various stages of insanity.

As you can see, the first has a beauty to its simplicity by merely offering a closeup on half of the Joker’s face. The second, meanwhile, captures his flair for showmanship – even if it remains to be seen whether he’s actually playing to an audience while parading around on those steps. The guy is downright mad, after all.

When it comes to the third poster, one could say that really allows for potential viewers to sample the title character’s downward spiral. My better judgment says this scene precedes the full emergence of the dreaded persona, as Phoenix must force himself to smile by manually fish-hooking each end of his mouth.

In any case, all will be revealed once Joker arrives in theaters on October 4th.