WB Reportedly Wants Jim Carrey To Cameo As Riddler In The Flash

Jim-Carrey-as-The-Riddler-in-Batman-Forever (1)

The movie’s reputation may have been tainted by association with the sequel, but Batman Forever is far from a disaster. Joel Schumacher’s first stab at the franchise admittedly has plenty of flaws, but it remains an enjoyable enough entry into the canon before the series descended into what can only be described as farce. Audiences clearly agreed, too, and even with ten years of rising ticket prices, Christopher Nolan’s universally acclaimed reboot Batman Begins earned just $40 million more at the box office.

Now, as they wait for the fabled 170-minute Schumacher Cut to see the light of day, folks have been left to reflect on the bigger, bolder, brighter adventure for the Dark Knight that failed to successfully pull off the complete tonal shift from Tim Burton’s Gothic duology. One of the undoubted highlights, though, was Jim Carrey’s scenery-devouring performance as the Riddler, with the freshly minted A-lister going for broke and pouring every ounce of his whirlwind comic energy into the role.

The Batman Two-Face

Of course, Tommy Lee Jones famously refused to sanction such buffoonery and the two villains were hardly the best of friends off the screen, but a quarter of a century later and Warner Bros. could be looking to return to the well, as insider Daniel Richtman has claimed that the studio is thinking of having the Ace Ventura star reprise his role as Edward Nygma in The Flash.

Obviously, almost every name to have appeared in a DC Comics adaptation over the last four decades has been linked to the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut, with Michael Keaton the only one to have officially signed on the dotted line. That being said, there’s almost limitless scope for fan-baiting cameos in The Flash, and Carrey’s Riddler would be guaranteed to generate a solid response.