WB Reportedly Offering Christian Bale More Money For Flash Cameo

The Dark Knight

Almost every actor to have played a major role in a DC Comics adaptation has been linked with a cameo in The Flash, which is par for the course. After all, with the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut hinging on the multiverse, there are no guesses as to where the story could end up heading, so no matter how far-fetched it sounds, it can’t be 100% ruled out.

We’ve seen the exact same thing happen to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3, too, with well over a dozen familiar faces rumored to appear despite Jamie Foxx’s Electro being the sole multiversal returnee officially confirmed by the studio so far. Similarly, only Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s pair of Batmen have been announced for The Flash, but the speculation won’t be going away for a long time to come, especially when production on the troubled project still isn’t set to kick off for a few months yet.

In fact, just days after claiming that both Danny DeVito’s Penguin and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze were in talks with the studio, insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that WB have thrown a huge pile of money in the general direction of Christian Bale, in the hopes that Christopher Nolan’s Batman can also be convinced to swing by the DCEU after he’s said to have turned them down already.

If his notoriously intense preparations and obvious disdain for the promotional circuit over the last two decades haven’t made it clear enough, though, Bale is not motivated by money, nor has he ever made a single cameo in anything throughout his entire career. The Academy Award winner is busy in Australia for most of 2021 with Thor: Love and Thunder anyway, and then he’ll immediately reunite with American Hustle director David O. Russell for the filmmaker’s mysterious new project. As such, he probably wouldn’t have time for The Flash even if he was interested.