WB Reportedly Rebooting Wonder Woman After Next Movie


You’d imagine that Gal Gadot will continue playing Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Wonder Woman for as long as she wants the role, given her status as an A-list movie star and close relationship with director Patty Jenkins.

Diana Prince’s solo sequel may have suffered from wildly polarizing reviews, and its chances of commercial success were obliterated by the Coronavirus pandemic, but a third installment was placed into active development just a couple of days after 1984 premiered in theaters and on HBO Max. Unfortunately, the aforementioned pic will remain the lowest-grossing installment in the DCEU for a long time to come after topping out with a box office haul of just over $166 million, but the circumstances were pretty extenuating to put it mildly.

Based on comments by both the star and director, it’s looking as if Wonder Woman 3 will be the first one to take place in the present day, although Jenkins did intimate that she had two additional stories she wanted to tell, so we might yet end up with a fourth film depending on how the next one performs. However, insider Daniel Richtman claims that Warner Bros. are planning to reboot the iconic superhero after the release of the third Wonder Woman blockbuster, but that’s about as far as the information stretches. Which means it’s unclear if he teasing that another person will simply assume the mantle or we’ll be getting a brand new Diana Prince.

In any case, Batman and Superman are already in the midst of reboots as it is, so it wouldn’t be a shock to hear that WB could be planning the same treatment for the final member of the Trinity, especially when Gadot has already hinted that Wonder Woman 3 will bring closure to her arc.