WB Reportedly Recasting Cyborg For The Flash

Image via DC Films

No offense to Ray Fisher, but the idea of audiences turning up in their droves to see a Cyborg solo movie always seemed more than a little far-fetched, especially when his entire involvement as part of the DCEU had amounted to a GIF in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and a severely underwritten and under-cooked supporting role in Justice League where he wasn’t given a great deal to do.

Of the ten installments in Warner Bros.’ shared universe that were announced on that fateful day in October 2014, just half of them have been released in their intended form. Admittedly, that’s only if you don’t count Joss Whedon’s Justice League as official canon, which a great deal of fans and several contracted talents certainly don’t.

The Flash is scheduled for November 2022 but still hasn’t started shooting yet, Justice League: Part II obviously didn’t happen for a number of reasons, Green Lantern Corps was dropped and refitted into an HBO Max series, and nobody seemed to really care about Cyborg at all. It wasn’t Fisher’s fault, mind you, but the project was simply swept under the rug when the franchise reshuffled its deck after the Justice League debacle.

Following the actor’s well-publicized battles with the studio surrounding Joss Whedon’s conduct on the set of the $300 million flop, he’s made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to the fold as long as Walter Hamada remains president of DC Films. The boss man certainly isn’t going to budge, so it looks like it could be game over for Fisher’s take on Victor Stone, with insider Grace Randolph claiming that the role will be recast for The Flash.

Based on what we heard a few months ago, Cyborg is still an integral part of the script, but having faced so many delays already, you can understand why director Andy Muschietti would be keen to avoid any further rewrites or potential behind the scenes issues by waiting around to see if the drama resolves itself or not.