WB Rumored To Be Searching For Birds Of Prey Director


On the one hand, word on the street saying that roughly a billion different DC films are in development is enough to make any geek giddy pondering the possibilities, but on the other, Warner Bros. are doing a disservice to this fanbase because the cold reality is that only a small fraction will ever see their way to the silver screen.

Take Batgirl, for instance: Many of us thought that dream becoming reality was an absolute certainty, but lo and behold, it fell apart under Joss Whedon. Oddly enough, we learned earlier today that it’s already being picked off the floor with a new screenwriter attached and, according to The Wrap, this has renewed the studio’s interest in Birds of Prey, also penned by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee).

Right now, not much is known other than the outlet being told by an insider that WB are currently looking around for directors to tackle the project. There’s also the expectation that it be one of several movies in the pipeline to feature Harley Quinn, but perhaps the Powers That Be should worry about getting cameras rolling on Suicide Squad 2 first before plotting a handful of other theoretical pictures to feature the Clown Princess of Crime.

Don’t get me wrong, few people are looking forward to Margot Robbie’s next tour as Harley more than I, but this isn’t necessarily the right vehicle for that character. Frankly, the focus needs to be placed on the triumvirate that is Batgirl, Black Canary and the Huntress, with perhaps a Bat-villain that we’ve yet to see in cinemas in the antagonistic role.

And as I elaborate more on this, one would think it’d be best to launch a solo Batgirl flick before jumping into such an ambitious team-up, but that’s just me. If Barbara Gordon is somehow unable to take flight by her lonesome, though, I’ll take what I can get and will welcome Birds of Prey with open arms.