Warner Bros. Hitting Pause On Man Of Steel 2, For Now


Following the mixed critical reception and middling box office gross of Justice League, everyone is wondering what’s next for the DC Extended Universe. The franchise has a host of upcoming projects on the slate, but it seems likely that Warner Bros. will have to rethink their strategy and streamline their output.

One film that’s been touted is Man of Steel 2, the long-awaited sequel to Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman back in 2013. Earlier this year, we heard various bits and pieces about the movie, including that Kingsman‘s Matthew Vaughn was in talks to direct and that it could see Supes go up against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. However, lately the trail has gone cold, leaving the future of the project in question.

Now, however, a new report might just shed some light on what WB’s planning for the Big Blue Boy Scout. Mario-Francisco Robles of El Fanboy has it “on good authority” that the studio was initially very keen on moving forward with Man of Steel 2, with an announcement originally coming as early as January. However, in the wake of Justice League, they’re cooling talk on the sequel until they’ve sifted through all the “feedback and data” regarding JL‘s performance. As Robles puts it, this does not mean that Man of Steel 2 “is off the table,” but rather that WB are “taking time to carefully assess the situation.”

This sounds like a very believable state of affairs. Seeing as the DCEU’s hit-to-miss ratio has been decidedly off so far, the studio has got to be 100% sure they want to move forward with a project before they start work on it from now on. Still, just a quick glimpse on social media will tell you that the vast majority of fans are desperate to have another Superman solo film.

After all, one of the best things Justice League did was to restore the character to his classic portrayal and Henry Cavill has said he has one more movie left on his contract. Of all the potential DCEU movies, then, Man of Steel 2 is probably one of the safest bets. In our opinion, at least.