We hope you like Kang because ‘Loki’ rumors suggest we’ll be seeing multiple variants

Kang the Conqueror/ He Who Remains
Image via Marvel Studios

Have we reached peak Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) multiverse madness or is this just the beginning? A new rumor makes it sound like we’re just getting started dealing with multiverse variants in MCU properties, beginning with the newest season of Loki.

The Loki series, which came out in 2021, has the distinction of being the property that properly introduced the world to Kang. Kang, of course, is the marquee villain in Phase Five. Kang in Loki appeared as He Who Remains, after he supposedly killed all other versions of himself. However, he was also killed.

Confused? Just remember there are a lot of Kangs out there. The Direct, citing “industry insider Daniel Richtman,” said that “there will be multiple Kang variants in Loki season two.” He also said that, “Jonathan Majors recently filmed more scenes as a variant of Kang for Loki. The season will have more time travel.”

There’s also a new concept that’s reportedly going to be introduced as well, called the “Time Loom.” Richtman explains: “Loki season two will introduce a new concept called Time Loom, it is the source of the TVA power. They use the energy from the time stream and absorb it.”

It’s important to note that these are simply rumors and nothing has been officially confirmed by Marvel or Disney. The first season of Loki featured Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius and Sophia Di Martino as Loki variant Sylvie.

Season two will add Ke Huy Quan, who’s experiencing a career renaissance after winning a Golden Globe for his performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

“When our movie came out, the first phone call I got was from Kevin Feige, who graciously asked me if I wanted to join the MCU,” Quan said. The second season of Loki is set to premiere sometime in the summer.