A Weary Wolverine Prepares For The Last Stand On Latest Logan Poster


Adamantium claws at the ready, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine prepares for the last stand in this new – and surely final – poster for Logan.

With little over a month left to go until James Mangold’s R-rated drama claws into theaters, today’s moody one-sheet is the latest nugget in a long line of promos trumpeting Wolverine’s impending swan song. Just yesterday, for instance, Fox premiered a new TV spot for the movie to drum up the touching father-daughter dynamic between Hugh Jackman’s damaged mutant and his latest protégé: a pint-sized force of nature known as Laura (AKA X-23). Brought to life by the up-and-coming Dafne Keen, early reactions from Logan’s preview screenings have lauded Keen as the true scene-stealer of Mangold’s near-future thriller, and we can hardly wait to see her journey play out in full on the silver screen.

And then there’s Logan himself. Now considered one of the last of his kind – Mangold’s final Wolvie film imagines a world in which the last mutant was born some 20 years ago – Hugh Jackman’s former X-Men member is consigned to a miserable, lonely life with only Professor X (Patrick Stewart) for company. This, coupled with the excruciating pain caused by toxic adamantium – Wolverine’s weapon is, ironically, slowly starting to kill our title hero from the inside – certainly lays the groundwork for a somber finale for Jackman’s anti-hero. And given he reportedly took a pay cut to ensure the film secured an R rating, it seems the Aussie wouldn’t have it any other way.

After eight films and more than 10 years spent in his signature role, Hugh Jackman will unsheath those iconic adamantium claws one last time when Logan bows on March 3rd.

Logan Poster