Weekend Box Office – August 8, 2010

As the August 8th weekend comes to a close, Inception has dropped from its number one spot. Filling the void this week was the new Will Ferrell comedy, The Other Guys. Opening to a very strong $35.6 million and fairly positive reviews, The Other Guys is definitely a movie you’ll want to see. Other surprises include Step Up 3D coming in at third and The Kids Are All Right sneaking in at tenth. Check below for the full list.

1. The Other Guys – $35.6 million; $35.6 mil (debut weekend)
2. Inception – $18.6 million; $228 mil
3. Step Up 3D – $15.5 million; $15.5 mil (debut weekend)
4. Salt – $11.1 million; $92 mil
5. Dinner With Schmucks – $10,5 million; $46.7 mil
6. Despicable Me – $9.44 million; $209 mil
7. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore – $6.91 million; $26.4 mil
8. Charlie St. Cloud – $4.7 million; $23.5 mil
9. Toy Story 3 – $3.05 million; $396 mil
10. The Kids Are All Right – $2.61 million; $14 mil

It isn’t much of a surprise that The Other Guys grabbed the number one spot this week. Inception has held onto it for a few weeks now and sooner or later it had to give up the spot. With $35.6 million, The Other Guys had a very strong opening weekend and Will Ferrell continues to prove he’s one of the funniest people working in Hollywood.

Inception pulled in close to $20 million and brought its total to $228 million. It’s still doing very well and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It could probably still hit the $300 million mark but with Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables coming out next week, there may be some tough competition.

Step Up 3D surprisingly took the third spot which I didn’t expect. I thought number three would go to Salt or Dinner With Schmucks. Despite what I predicted, Step Up 3D pulled in $15.5 million which was enough to beat out both Salt and Schmucks.

Salt took in $11.1 million and Dinner With Schmucks grabbed $10.5 million. Salt is edging closer to that $100 million mark and it will surely hit it. I’m betting it’s only another month or so before we hear news of a sequel for Salt.

The bottom half of the list didn’t see anything too surprising but Charlie St. Cloud isn’t doing anywhere near as well as I thought it would. While the movie itself may not be great, I’m surprised the Zac Efron fans aren’t enough to give it some decent box office business. After the success of High School Musical I thought an Efron film would be able to see decent numbers.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is The Kids Are All Right sneaking in at tenth. It’s a smaller film and hasn’t yet received a wide release but it has received amazing reviews and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Well, that just about does it for this week’s report. With Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables coming out next week, things could get interesting. I’m going to predict Scott Pilgrim in first with The Other Guys in second. But who knows, maybe The Expendables will surprise us all.