Weekend Box Office – July 4, 2010

[Update] It was announced today that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has made $261.2 million worldwide since it opened last Wednesday.

Another weekend has passed and the numbers are now in for the box office weekend of July 4, 2010. To no surprise, Bella, Edward and Jacob dominated the box office as the Twi-hards were out in full force. There were a few surprises on the list, but for the most part, it pretty much turned out the way analysts predicted. Read on for the full list.

1The Twilight Saga: Eclipse– $69M; $162M (debut weekend)

2. The Last Airbender– $40.6M; $57M (debut weekend)

3. Toy Story 3 – $30.2; $289M

4. Grow Ups– $18.5M; $77.1M

5. Knight and Day – $10.2M; $45.5M

6. The Karate Kid – $8M; $152M

7. The A-Team – $3.02M; $69.1M

8. Get Him To The Greek– $1.18M; $57.4M

9. Shrek Forever After – $799K; $233M

10. Cyrus – $770K; $1.49M

Twilight, following up from its strong Wednesday opening, continued to rake in the cash all week. It broke a few records and is now sitting pretty on $162 million. Considering the movie only cost about $68 million to make, $162 is pretty great.

The Last Airbender surprisingly nabbed the number two spot. Making back $57 million out of its $280 million budget, the film made a lot more than people predicted. It got terrible reviews and it’s pretty shocking that so many people still saw it.

Toy Story 3 took a step back this weekend and landed in third place. It still earned a respectable $30.2 million and brought its total to $289 million. Following behind the toys was Grown Ups and Knight and Day, both landing in their expected fourth and fifth spots.

The Karate Kid and The A-Team continued their battle but once again The Karate Kid landed on top and Get Him To The Greek and Shrek Forever After just made it into the eighth and ninth spots. This will probably be the last week for Greek and Shrek as next week we get Despicable Me and Predators.

Lastly, Cyrus sneaks its way onto the list with $770 thousand. Prince of Persia, Killers and surprisingly Jonah Hex all fell off the list this weekend. Hex only came out on the 18th of June and it’s already gone. I think that classifies it as a bonafide flop.

So there it is, the box office weekend for July 4th, 2010.