Your Weekly Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor: What Will The Title Be?


There’s a requirement of film blogging that will be fulfilled from now until 2015. First, there must be a Batman vs. Superman casting rumor; second, there must be a Star Wars: Episode VII rumor.

So, with that in mind, right now the speculation has moved away from casting and towards the more mundane issues of plot and potential titles for the upcoming Star Wars film. This latest rumor comes to us courtesy of TalkBacker (via /Film), who tell us that the title for Star Wars Episode VII will be…A New Dawn!

Yeah, I thought it was going to be something a little more exciting too. Maybe The Slaying of the Bantha or That’s My Wookie!; something we can really sink our teeth into. But A New Dawn isn’t too bad a title, when you come down to it. It has a nice symmetry with the original Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Actually, in some ways that symmetry is almost a little too much. The last thing we want or need from another Star Wars is for it to try and copy the original trilogy. That never works out well, and this one already has too much nostalgia going for it. 

As with just about everything else concerning Star Wars: Episode VII, this is all still a rumor. It’s a credible rumor – credible as in it makes sense given the trajectory of the series – but it’s still a rumor. It will likely remain a rumor for the foreseeable future too as J.J. Abrams is not known for wanting to reveal much of anything about his plans for projects, and we’ll probably be speculating on this one for at last another year before we have any concrete data.

Does this title intrigue you? Has that satiated your desire for Star Wars: Episode VII news? Would you rather that we all stop speculating? Let us know in the comments.