We’re getting the Pompeii supernatural action thriller we didn’t know we needed


The last time the city of Pompeii was the subject of a feature film, we got Paul W.S. Anderson’s historical epic that threw elements of action, romance and disaster into the mix. The end result was a turgid flop, but we can’t say that we’re not excited by the next feature set to unfold within the ruins of the Italian city.

As per Deadline, Kellie Madison has signed on to direct an untitled supernatural thriller that revolves around some kind of geothermic explosion that occurs within the ruins of Pompeii. That’s about as much information as has been provided, but it sounds like the sort of wild genre film that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.


The Man in the High Castle and Electric Dreams writer Kalen Egan will pen the script alongside Travis Sentell, with the Korean VFX company behind Sweet Home and Dr. Brain providing the visual effects, while Train to Busan‘s Jihyun Kim handles the concept art and creature design.

An American/Korean co-production that takes one of the most famous natural disasters in human history and refits it as the basis for a supernatural thriller with an almost impossibly high concept is at the very least going to generate a ton of interest and curiosity based on nothing but how insane it sounds, which is why the mystery project has all of the potential in the world to be awesome.