Team Iron Man Assembles On New Avengers: Infinity War Billboard


On Saturday, Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, pulled over to take a celebratory photo with a gigantic billboard for Avengers: Infinity War.

You can hardly blame him for being excited for the movie’s release. The young actor’s rise has been so stratospheric that he vividly remembers going to see The Avengers as a 15-year-old in 2012. Going from being in the audience to standing alongside Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk as they prepare to do battle against their most powerful enemy yet must be a surreal experience.

Awesome though the photo was, we’re still intrigued by that billboard. It shows a promotional image we haven’t seen before in cinema standees and online and understandably, fans have been eager for another look. Fortunately, that’s now arrived, and in the gallery down below you’ll be able to see the image in much better resolution.

Though it’s hardly the most revealing poster we’ve seen, it is another cool shot featuring some of the best superheroes in the MCU (plus Wong). However, one thing that IS quite interesting is the color scheme here.

If you’ll recall, this slots in nicely with the gorgeous 23 character cardboard standee delivered to cinemas recently. The red segment of that features the same heroes we see here, so it makes sense to me that this is merely one in a series of Infinity War billboards, each in the color of one of the Infinity Stones. Whether or not these colors indicate that these characters will be teaming up together remains to be seen, but the trailer at least does seem to show the various color-grouped heroes interacting with one another.

My bet is that readers in major cities should keep an eye out for the remaining colored billboards and see what they can spot. In the meantime, we’re as excited as Tom Holland is about Avengers: Infinity War. And we only have to wait until April 27th to see it!

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