Steppenwolf Was Nude In Justice League, And No One Noticed


Justice League was a film that threw up a lot of questions. Was it really necessary to have The Flash fall onto Wonder Woman’s boobs? What the hell is going on with Henry Cavill’s upper lip? Why am I feeling a growing sense of annoyance and boredom every second I spend watching this terrible movie?

But one that most audience members weren’t asking themselves is the one we’ve now got a definitive answer to: was inter-dimensional space warlord Steppenwolf wearing underwear? And the shocking answer is no. No, he wasn’t.

The proof comes courtesy of Twitter user @Sporraw, who posted the following Tweet:

He followed this up by commenting, “I GUESS THIS IS WHERE THE $300 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET WENT” while his followers mused on the age-old question: “Wonder if there is a shot where you can see his dick.”

In Steppenwolf’s defence, we’ve all been there. You know how it goes, it’s laundry day, you’ve got appointments to keep and you’ve overslept. Suddenly, you’re late and you’re out of underwear. You grit your teeth and realize that today you’re going to be literally flying by the seat of your pants. You know what I’m talking about right? Uh… right?

I will say that Steppenwolf letting it dangle free under his armor makes the film slightly more interesting, though probably not in the way that Warner Bros. would like. If I’d have known this going in I could have spent much of my time wondering whether that leather battle skirt thingy he wears was going to flop to one side to give us a look at the real Apokaliptian crown jewels. Doubtless, true DCEU fans are currently combing Justice League frame by frame to find out now.

After all, it’d be nice to have something of substance to the flimsy villain. Even if it turns out to be his beautifully rendered ass.