WGTC Radio #28 – 2013 Year In Preview

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Though we technically rang in the New Year on last week’s show, catching up on what we missed over the holidays, today’s episode is our big official kick-off to 2013, as we offer a major, comprehensive, month-by-month preview of all the most exciting movies and video games coming out over the next twelve months. From Grand Theft Auto V to Iron Man 3 to Pokemon X and Y and Man of Steel, there is an awful lot of interesting content arriving in 2013.

With new consoles expected to launch this holiday, there are limitations to how many games we could preview – not a huge number have been announced for the year, all things considered – but there are many, many, many movies, most of them sequels, that seem worth a look.

And before we get onto the main topic, we follow up on our discussion of the high-frame-rate Hobbit and Jonathan blathers at length about finally discovering last year’s Dredd – which is not too late of a discovery – and 2007’s Mass Effect, which really is an embarrassingly late recognition.


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