WGTC Radio #29 – Talking PlayStation, Zero Dark Thirty, And More!

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Since nothing major is happening in the world of gaming or movies this week, co-host Sean Chapman and I decided to take things easy this week and simple talk about what’s on our minds. Which, in this case, means PlayStation network issues, downloadable video games like Journey and Tokyo Jungle, a horrible shopping experience at Best Buy, and Kathryn Bigelow’s acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty. There is no one particular topic this episode, but with lots of lively discussion (and over-the-top vulgarity) about some fun and interesting movies and games, this turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining podcast!

Enjoy, and join us next when we will hopefully offer a full review of the 2-part animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns movie.

Time Chart: 

Introduction: 0:00:00 – 0:02:57

Jonathan’s PlayStation Headphones Story: 0:02:57 – 0:14:20

Sean’s PlayStation Adventures: 0:14:20 – 0:34:53

Sean Talks Journey: 0:34:53 – 0:47:12

Sean Talks Tokyo Jungle: 0:47:12 – 0:58:22

Zero Dark Thirty Discussion: 0:58:22 – 1:22:06

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