WGTC Radio #3 – Spider-Man Trilogy Retrospective Spectacular!

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With The Amazing Spider-Man hitting theatres next week, hosts Jonathan Lack and Sean Chapman decided to spend today’s podcast looking back on the original Sam Raimi trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. The films arguably kick-started the modern superhero craze, and created a template for the comic-book genre that many filmmakers have since followed.

What is their significance in movie history, how did they respect and interpret one of pop-culture’s most iconic characters, and how did the franchise develop from promising to brilliant to stagnant in a five-year period? All this and more is discussed in detail – it’s an episode Spider-Man fans won’t want to miss!

Enjoy, and join us next week when we go in-depth with a spoiler­-filled commentary on Ridley Scott’s sci-fi sensation Prometheus. The Amazing Spider-Man itself will be discussed in detail on podcast #5, which will arrive two weeks from now on July 11th.

And if you want to read a great review of The Amazing Spider-Man right now, check out Jonathan Lack’s in-depth take on the film! 

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Jonathan R. Lack

With ten years of experience writing about movies and television, including an ongoing weekly column in The Denver Post's YourHub section, Jonathan R. Lack is a passionate voice in the field of film criticism. Writing is his favorite hobby, closely followed by watching movies and TV (which makes this his ideal gig), and is working on his first film-focused book.