WGTC Radio #37 – Fade To Lack, Movie News, & The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Theories

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After last week’s Persona 4 extravaganza, we return to the world of movies this week with lots and lots and lots of interesting news updates and discussions. We begin, though, with a look at host Jonathan Lack’s new book Fade to Lack: A Critic’s Journey Through the World of Modern Film (visit the official website here), including an interview with illustrator Shannon Wheeler!

From there, we segue into a large variety of topics, starting with the recent SimCity launch fiasco (to put it mildly). Next, Jonathan offers his thoughts on the (largely awful) films of 2013 to date, before he and Sean discuss some exciting recent movie trailers – Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness – and go over George Lucas’ recent confirmation that the original cast will be returning to Star Wars: Episode VII. And for a nice chunk of ranting, we then analyze (and debunk) the incredibly stupid rumor floating around the net about Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and Warner Bros. still-unconfirmed Justice League movie.

But the real meat of the episode comes in the final hour, when we recap all the casting news we have on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and speculate as to what on earth this movie could possibly be like. With so many villains, love interests, and side characters, how can Marc Webb and company fit everything into one movie? We do not necessarily know, but we definitely have some predictions.



Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:02:18

Talking Fade to Lack, Jonathan Lack’s Book: 0:02:18 – 0:18:20

Interview with Fade to Lack Illustrator Shannon Wheeler: 0:18:20 – 0:38:07

Crisis in SimCity: 0:38:07 – 1:01:13

Talking 2013 Movies: 1:01:13 – 1:23:02

Movie Trailers Catch-Up: 1:23:02 – 1:34:08

Star Wars Casting Announcements: 1:34:08 – 1:41:47

Incredibly Stupid Justice League Rumor: 1:41:47 – 2:02:19

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Theories and Discussion: 2:02:19 – 2:54:10

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  1. Niorsays:

    Hey I like your podcast I just want to adjust/comment on a few points that you made about Amazing Spider Man 2.

    1) Felicity Jones is actually rumored and is more widely believed be playing Betty Brant not Felicia Hardy

    2) Paul Giamatti’s Rhino is most likely a cameo role as he is not even mentioned or referenced in the synopsis OR there is a theory floating around that Giamatti is actually not playing Rhino as his role was never officially confirmed it just said he’s in the movie he could be playing J J Jameson and the producers are keeping it a “surprise” for the fans it would add up if Felicity Jones is Betty Brant

    3) Sony released a statement saying MJ’s role in this movie is small but becomes the lead lady role in the 3rd at few scenes at least so they probably will establish her and Peter as friends and if they kill Gwen off at the end of this/start of the 3rd that relationship develops and they do/there are implications that they are gradually going to fall for each other. Phil Watson has also been cast so they will probably imply or explore her abusive household which can be a point of connection between her and Peter as they both have in some way have no parents. Which provides development for her character if she’s based on the 616 comics or a mix of the ultimate and 616

    4) There is a funeral casting call that has been release for people who are 18-70 so there are implications that Gwen Stacy could die at the end of this movie so that love triangle issue could maybe not be such a big thing my guess is Peter and Gwen are together and MJ and him are friends (maybe Gwen gets a bit jealous)

    5) You never mentioned Colm Feore who has also been cast in an unspecified role my guess is if Giamatti is Rhino, Feore is JJJ or maybe Ned Leeds

    1. All good points! We are still assuming Felicity Jones is playing Black Cat due to initial rumors and the lack of casting for JJ (Colm Feore does not seem like the JJ type), and if Paul Giammati was hired for this movie (he’s not a blockbuster actor, but neither does he come ‘cheap’) we also think it is safe to assume Rhino will be a major component. But thanks again for the feedback!

      1. Niorsays:

        Hey thanks for responding. True Giamatti is a great high calibar not too “cheap” actor but then so is Sally Field and Aunt May has always been a supporting role and given as you the amount of stuff this movie has to have she will probably have very little screen time. Couldn’t Rhino? I mean part of the reason Giamatti was cast was that he said he loved the character the casting could have been more as a favour to him than anything esle. I don’t know I can’t see the producers/Marc Webb using Rhino as a main/secondary main villian especially when given the role he’s played in the games.

        Also if Giamatti is playing Rhino not “secretly” JJJ I still agree with what you said about Black Cat introducing her as the third love interest would be too much especially as you further said it would mean Gwen’s role would have to be seriously cut back and from all the synopsis and footage and stuff she’s still going to be the lead lady. So we can assume that Felicity Jones’ role is also going to be fairly small. I mean I’m not an expert but her and Colm Feore’s casting was really last minute and unlike Chris Cooper, Shailene Woodley etc the producers refused to sort of allow the media to make anything much out of the news making me thk

        So either Felicity Jones plays Felicia in a cameo role maybe a small time thief without the costume and she becomes Black Cat in the next film/ maybe Peter catches her father at the start of the movie and we have a clip of her visting him in jail to assure who she is and again set her up to want revenge on Spider-man. Either way I doubt we’ll see her being full on Black Cat in this movie on top of Electro, maybe Rhino and Norman Osborn especially not if as I suspect they are planning to kill off Gwen in this film.

        OR she is Betty Brant and maybe unless the producers are really going for a new “realistic” JJJ in Colm Feore, then maybe Peter can go to bugle and meet her and have JJJ yelling in the background putting a face to the voice. Also as well Felicity Jones does bare a very strong resemblance to Betty Brant from the comics just with longer hair.

        However I think all implications we’re going to get will be from Marc Webb’s tweets so here’s hoping he’ll be nice and give us some clues.

        Either way I like you look forward to the film and when it is released it will be interesting to hear your reactions

    2. Alex Lowesays:

      I could see Feore as Vulture also. He definitely looks the part. Let’s have every villain!

  2. Jonathan, you obviously has a great podcast/radio voice – are there any plans for an audiobook version of your book?

    1. Thanks Kenneth! I have definitely considered possibly recording an audiobook version of “Fade to Lack.” It does not lend itself entirely to the format, given that much of it is just film analysis and reviews which might not work completely in an audiobook format, but I think there are definitely stretches – including the whole of Part 4 – that would be good for an audiobook, and if there is reader demand, I will absolutely considering at least an abridged recording.

      And it is really good to feedback like this, as it gives me indications of what people want, so thank you very much for your comment!

  3. It’s actually really entertaining reading the ‘5 star’ reviews of Sim City because they’re all sarcastic but extremely creative. “It helped me break my video game addiction!” “I got my husband back!” LOL

  4. Matthew Melangesays:

    Here’s my spoiler for spiderman 2

    Gwen stacy dies, which is when peter parker meets mary jane and wants to bang her.

    Electro is the mastermind and the rhino is the muscle/dragon if you read tvtropes.

    The rhino will just be dumb guy in power armor who is internally weak.

    Black cat’s parent might be killed and she wants revenge from 1 of the 2 villains, whichever is the one that killed the parent figure.

    This is my guess for the razor thin intelligence of the spiderman reboot.

  5. Rhino will be dating Aunt May. This will give Rhino incentive to help Spidey at the end.

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