WGTC Radio #42 – Evil Dead Review & Discussion

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We kick off this week’s episode with a few random topics – Sean talks about playing the Uncharted trilogy for the first time, we go over the rumors that the Xbox 720 may be an ‘always online’ console (and the surrounding controversy therein), and even rant about iTunes for a few minutes – but the main meat of the episode is our in-depth, spoiler-filled review and discussion of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake, which gives us license to talk gore, gore, and more gore. And don’t worry – neither of us invoke the phrase “a bloody good time.” Because that would be stupid (albeit accurate).

And after that, of course, is our weekly Doctor Who segment, in which we review this week’s episode, “Cold War.”


Time Chart: 

Intro/iTunes Bashing: 0:00:00 – 0:10:43

Sean Talks About Uncharted: 0:10:43 – 0:28:21

Xbox 720 ‘Always Online’ Rumors: 0:28:21 – 0:44:02

Evil Dead Review and Discussion: 0:44:02 – 1:37:24

Doctor Who, “Cold War” Review: 1:37:24– 2:07:09

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