WGTC Radio #52 – Discussing Man Of Steel


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As promised, this week’s episode is devoted to discussing the latest cinematic superhero sensation, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. And by ‘discuss,’ I mostly mean Sean rants about why he hates the film while I stay quiet, periodically attempting to interject before getting immediately shot down. But that’s just how it goes sometimes – Sean feels quite strongly about this one. I do too – Man of Steel is my favorite film of 2013 so far, something I do not say lightly – and if you want to know more about where I am coming from, please read my written review. It does not deal in spoilers, which our podcast does, but it says just about everything I feel needs saying on my side of this argument.

Before getting into that discussion, though, Sean and I briefly touch upon the new hit video game, The Last of Us, which we will be talking about in greater depth sometime soon. And after we wrap up our Man of Steel talk, we ramble for a while about recent developments in the world of superhero cinema, including our opinions on whether or not a Justice League movie can reasonably be spun off from what Snyder has developed here.


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