WGTC Radio #74 – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug & Doctor Who Christmas Special Discussions

Doctor Who

It’s FINALLY time for another episode of WGTC Radio, the official podcast of We Got This Covered! Remember to subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

Due to circumstances beyond our control – involving both hosts of this podcast falling deathly ill for several weeks – we have been unable to record a podcast for most of December. But fear not! We reconvened, mostly healthy, for one final show of 2013, and it is a good one!

First up, we talk about The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the highly anticipated second installment in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. We are big Tolkien/Jackson fans here on WGTC Radio, so we have been excited to talk about this movie. You may already know my thoughts on the film – my written review is available here – but I have some new thoughts, and thoughts I can only share in this spoiler-filled setting, and Sean’s opinions are all new! This is a really fun, in-depth discussion of a movie both of us find highly entertaining and interesting, and we hope you enjoy.

Following that, it’s time to talk about The Time of the Doctor, the Doctor Who Christmas Special for 2013 and the last episode for Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. We really love Smith’s performance here at WGTC Radio, so in addition to reviewing and discussing his last episode, we also offer a retrospective of his work and tenure on the show.

We hope you enjoy the episode, just as we hope you’ve enjoyed our first full year of podcasting here at We Got This Covered. We love doing this show, and we hope our audience enjoys it as well! This is our final show for 2013, but we shall be back next week with a retrospective of the year in movies, TV, and gaming, and are excited to cover 2014 and beyond!

Time Chart:

 Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:03:48

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Discussion: 0:03:48 – 0:54:42

Doctor Who – The Time of the Doctor Discussion & Eleventh Doctor Retrospective: 0:54:42 – 2:11:20

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