What are Gray Jedi in ‘Star Wars?’

Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi

Somewhere in between the light and the dark sit the Gray Jedi. Mysterious, independent, and incredibly powerful; they redefine what it means to be a force user in that galaxy far, far away. The sheer fact that they exist calls to mind some pretty serious questions though, prompting many unfamiliar fans to ask: what are Gray Jedi, really? 

First and foremost, we’ve got to get one thing out of the way. Gray Jedi are technically not canon ⏤ yet. Although there’s speculation that Rey’s yellow lightsaber at the end of The Rise of Skywalker is a nod to her accepting both the light and the dark sides of The Force. 

The original director chosen for The Rise of Skywalker, Colin Trevorrow (before J.J. Abrams returned to direct), had a much clearer vision for the final installment of the Sequel Trilogy – which would have brought Gray Jedi directly into the mainstream. 

Fired for “creative differences,” Trevorrow’s film would have dug much deeper into the balancing of The Force, and after a script and concept art was mysteriously leaked online after his firing was announced, it was clear that Grey Jedi would have not only been made canon, but the scrapped story could have been an intergalactic masterpiece. 

Adhering to a totally distinct Jedi code, the beliefs of Gray Jedi are a mixture of Sith and Jedi teachings that end up forming a completely new Force philosophy. Here’s a look at the unofficial Gray Jedi Code:

Flowing through all, there is balance

There is no peace without a passion to create

There is no passion without peace to guide

Knowledge fades without the strength to act

Power blinds without the serenity to see

There is freedom in life

There is purpose in death

The Force is all things and I am the Force

Gray Jedi understand that The Force is not as simple as light versus dark, but rather two sides of the same coin living together in a delicate harmony. They tend to use both Jedi and Sith Force techniques, and in the process, attempt to come to terms with their own mortality. 

Where Sith crave power fueled by hatred, and Jedi seek serenity driven by self-control, Gray Jedi lean into both and attempt to find stability. In many ways, this mindset makes the most sense and pulls from classic Jedi or Sith teachings; where a Jedi or Sith would never dream of utilizing the other side, Gray Jedi take complete advantage of both. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between Gray Jedi and Jedi is their perspective on attachments. Gray Jedi don’t forbid emotional attachments like the Jedi, and they encourage all types of personal relationships. In that way, Gray Jedi are able to have friends, families, and romance. 

It pays to be a Gray Jedi. Self discovery is a powerful thing, and attempting to balance good and evil is a crucial part in understanding the larger mysteries of the universe. Maybe one day Lucasfilm will bring Gray Jedi into the official Star Wars canon. It’s our only hope.