What Horror Movies Are On Hulu?

Chucky Child's Play

If you’re in the mood for some edge-of-your-seat thrills this Halloween, then you’re going to want to sort through the bottomless bag of treats currently being offered by Hulu. In addition to some family-friendly films like the new Addams Family, Edward Scissorhands, and Mary Kate and Ashley’s Double Double Toil and Trouble, the platform is also offering an extensive list of horror films, many of which you may never have even heard of.

Some are Hulu originals, others Oscar winners, and many just sound so creepy that it would take major self-restraint not to pick up the remote and turn them on right now. Then again, with Halloween right around the corner⏤excuse me, Huluween⏤and the likelihood that you’re already done watching Squid Game, now is the perfect time to dive into some scary new flicks.

Here are some of the best horror films currently on Hulu followed by a list of other scary titles on the platform.

30 Days of Night

What would you do if you lived in an isolated Alaskan town that was plunged into darkness for an entire month every year, resulting in bloodthirsty vampires relentlessly attacking? The correct answer is move. Unfortunately for Eben and Stella Oleson (but fortunately for us), they have not yet grasped this concept and are thus forced to hide from the blood-sucking beasties until the next sunrise. 30 Days of Night stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George as the husband-and-wife sheriff team that is the town’s only hope for survival.

All That We Destroy

All That We Destroy is one of many entries in the Into the Dark horror anthology series produced exclusively for Hulu. It follows a geneticist who, fearing that her son is becoming a serial killer, tries to cure him of his psychopathic tendencies by creating a group of clones and making him relive his first murder. Destroy is the eighth “episode” of Into the Dark‘s first season, but with a nearly 90-minute run time, it’s more of a film than an episode. Other “episodes” in the anthology series include The Body, Flesh & Blood, Treehouse, Uncanny Annie, Pilgrim, A Nasty Piece of Work, and Tentacles.

Blair Witch

20 years after the events of the 1999 blockbuster The Blair Witch Project comes Blair Witch, a direct sequel that ignores the events of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. This third film in the series finds a man named James and his friends heading back into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to find out what happened to his missing sister, Heather, who James believes he saw in some found footage posted on YouTube. Will they discover what happened to Heather and solve the mystery of the evil Blair Witch, or will they remain stuck in the dangerous forest and meet the same fate as so many before them? There’s only one way to find out.

Child’s Play

If you’re looking forward to Chucky’s new television show on Syfy, then you’re in luck. His latest movie is available to stream on Hulu, and the contemporary reimagining of the 1988 classic finds the psycho doll terrorizing a family after a mother gifts him to her 13-year-old son. Aubrey Plaza stars in this new adaptation with Mark Hamill lending his voice to the demonic Chucky. Like the show is bound to do, Child’s Play serves as a sharp reminder that it’s all fun and games until the doll starts stabbing people.

The Clovehitch Killer

How well do you think you know your parents? Tyler Burnside thinks he knows his pretty well, at least until he discovers disturbing images belonging to his father that allude to him being a serial killer. The Clovehitch Killer follows Tyler on his journey of figuring out if his father is the titular killer responsible for the torture and murder of ten women. Dylan McDermott stars in this serial killer mystery that’s sure to stay with you long after the credits roll.


Even if you haven’t been in the path of a powerful hurricane recently, you know how devastating they can be. Now imagine that you ignore evacuation orders completely as a Category 5 approaches your hometown so that you can find your father and get him to safety. After becoming trapped in your house, which is filling with water, a group of alligators swim inside, making you realize that the hurricane is the least of your worries. This is the plot of Crawl, a terrifying thriller that thankfully stars Naya Scodelario as a competitive swimmer. Surely she’ll be able to get her father and herself out of the house without being eaten alive⏤right?

False Positive

Pregnancy is hard enough without a sinister doctor complicating the process. Ilana Glazer’s Lucy and her husband, Justin Theroux’s Adrian, have been trying (and failing) for months to get pregnant. When they finally become pregnant with a baby girl, they praise their fertility doctor, played by Pierce Brosnan. As we know from the title (spoiler alert!), False Positive is more than it seems, as is Brosnan’s Dr. Hindle. This one is sure to strike a cord with mothers new and future as well as anyone who low-key distrusts doctors everywhere.


If you enjoyed Squid Game, then Funhouse might make for an enjoyable follow-up viewing. The film centers around eight celebrities from around the world who are invited to compete in an online reality show that is (gasp!) not what it seems. While they may have had less of a heads-up than the Hunger Games kids, they soon find themselves in similar circumstances, competing for their lives in an effort to not get voted off of the live broadcast and suffer the dreadful consequences. Warning: this house is not quite as fun as its title makes it sound.

Gretel & Hansel

Not to be confused with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (also available to stream on Hulu), Gretel & Hansel is a dark reimagining of the original German folklore tale by the Brothers Grimm. Starring the incredible Sophia Lillis in the role of Gretel⏤who eagle-eyed viewers will remember from It, Uncle Frank, and Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This⏤the film finds the titular brother-sister duo venturing into a dark wood in search of food only to stumble upon a witch’s house. You know what happens next, but this version might be the freakiest you’ve ever seen.

The House That Jack Built

A serial killer trying to justify his crimes to a deceased Roman poet while said poet leads him through the nine circles of hell? There’s a synopsis you don’t read every day. The House That Jack Built stars Matt Dillon as Jack, the man trying to convince “Verge” that the murders he committed were valid, and is directed by Lars von Trier of Melancholia fame. Anything by von Trier is likely to mess with your head, so keep that in mind as you wander into Jack’s house and hear what he has to say.

Little Monsters

Other than parents, first responders, and young children, no one has had a harder time in the age of Covid than teachers. Corralling dozens of kindergarteners and holding their attention long enough to teach them things is hard enough as it is. Throw in a zombie invasion and you have Little Monsters, a horrific comedy starring Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and Frozen’s Josh Gad. After starring in Jordan Peele’s Us, Oscar winner Nyong’o is slowly but surely becoming the new Queen of Horror. Come at her, zombies.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Even though it takes place on Valentine’s Day, My Bloody Valentine is a classic slasher film that’s equally appropriate for Halloween. After a mining accident turns a trapped miner into a cannibalistic killer, the reinstated Valentine’s Day dance⏤which has been suspended ever since the accident⏤is about to go on as planned even after the mayor receives a creepy warning that murders will ensue if it does. The title alone is enough to tell you how things go from there.

Paranormal Activity 4

Nothing is scarier than the unexplainable, as the creators of the Paranormal Activity films know all too well. Fans enjoyed the first film so much that three sequels were made, with the fourth conveniently titled Paranormal Activity 4. This installment takes place five years after Katie’s disappearance and naturally centers around a suburban family encountering strange events when a mysterious woman and her son move in across the street.


One of the eeriest kinds of psychological thriller is the one that occurs within a family. Such is the case with Run, an intimate look at a disabled homeschooled teenager (Kiera Allen) who starts to wonder whether her mother (Sarah Paulson) might be keeping deep, dark secrets from her. Run became Hulu’s most successful Original at the time of its release and is fused with enough tension to keep you wondering what’s going to happen while also hoping that your own family isn’t keeping any similar secrets from you. Don’t walk to see this psychological thriller⏤run.


A film shot on an iPhone that doesn’t even look like it was shot on an iPhone?! It’s true⏤Unsane was filmed entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus and stars The Crown’s Claire Foy as Sawyer, a woman who is committed to a mental institution after unknowingly signing a consent form for voluntary 24-hour admission. This sounds like it should be a safe space for her. However, she moved away from her home in Boston to get away from a stalker, and it’s only a matter of time before said stalker makes his way back into her life. Or maybe there is no stalker and Sawyer’s just unsane.

What other horror movies are available on Hulu?

Here’s a list of the many other horror films that are “screaming now” on Hulu:

12 Hour Shift
30 Days of Night
47 Meters Down

The Alchemist Cookbook
Almost Human

An American Haunting
The Apparition
Bad Hair
Behind You

Beneath the Darkness
Black Ops
Black Swan
Blood Moon

The Body
Body at Brighton Rock
Body Cam
Books of Blood

The Box
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
Candyman 3: Day of the Dead

Carnage Park
Children of the Corn
Come True

Culture Shock
The Cured
The Current Occupant
Dark Was the Night
Dead of Winter

The Devil’s Doorway
Digging Up the Marrow

The Dunes
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

The Evil in Us
Exit Plan
Exorcist: The Beginning
The Field Guide to Evil
A Field in England
The Final Girls
Flatliners (1990)
Flesh & Blood
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
Friday the 13th: Part 3

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Friend Request

The Gallows: Act II
Ghost Stories
Ghost Team

The Gift
The Glass House
Good Boy
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

The Haunted

Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Hidden Mother
The Host
The Houses October Built 1 & 2
The Hug
Hunter Hunter
I Am Alone
I Remember You
I Spit on Your Grave 1, 2, & 3

I Trapped the Devil
I’m Just F*cking With You
In the Earth
It Came from the Desert

Kiss the Girls
Let the Right One In
Let’s Be Evil
Lights Out

Little Joe
The Lodge
Lords of Chaos
The Maid’s Room

Midnight Kiss
My Bloody Valentine (1981)
My Friend Dahmer

My Valentine
A Nasty Piece of Work
New Year, New You
The Night
The Night Watchmen
No Escape
Odd Thomas

The Other Lamb
Personal Shopper
Phase IV
Pooka & Pooka Lives!
The Possession
Possessor Uncut

Queen of the Damned
Rare Exports
The Resident
Resident Evil: Retribution
The Resort
The Ripper
The Rizzle
Safer at Home
Saint Maud

School Spirit
Sea Fever
Shadow in the Cloud


Species 1, 2, & 3
Stephen King’s It
Suburban Gothic
Super Dark Times
The Tall Man
The Tenant

Theater of Blood
They Come Knocking

Tragedy Girls

Uncanny Annie
Underworld: Awakening
Underworld: Evolution
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
The Vatican Tapes
Victor Frankenstein
The Vigil
The Village
Welcome to Mercy
Willy’s Wonderland
Wolves at the Door

The Wretched
Wrinkles the Clown
Wrong Turn 2
The X Files
You’re Next

According to the platform, Hulu is your home for Halloween screams all October long and beyond. Enjoy these frightful flicks before they get replaced with a dizzying array of Christmas films!