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What is the cast of ‘Aquamarine’ up to now?

Have you ever wondered what the cast of 'Aquamarine' has been up to since the movie premiered in 2006? We have, and here's what we found out.

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With all the mermaid-themed TV shows and movies out there for people to watch, Aquamarine is undoubtedly one of the most memorable. Entertainment about mermaids tends to be super fantastical, whimsical, and magical. Yet, somehow Aquamarine maintains a realistic spin on a storyline that typically belongs in fairytales. The movie premiered in 2006, leaving a significant impact on audiences. To this day, younger generations continue to enjoy watching this movie, as Aquamarine is the type of movie that reminds everyone about the beauty of friendship. Here’s how the extraordinary cast has kept busy since the movie hit theaters so many years back.

Emma Roberts played Claire Brown

In Aquamarine, Emma Roberts played the role of Claire Brown, a quiet and shy teenage girl who isn’t comfortable breaking the rules. Since 2006, Emma’s life has been fascinating. She currently has more than 17.1 million followers on Instagram, where she posts cute selfies and fashionable outfits. Keeping up with the trends is easy for someone like Emma. She’s one of the brilliant minds behind a company called Belletrist which serves as a book club for individuals who love to celebrate the art of reading as a hobby. She’s also maintained her career as an actress in movies such as Little Italy, Nerve, We Are the Millers, and Holidate. In terms of TV shows, she landed roles in Scream Queens and American Horror Story. When it comes to Emma’s personal life, she welcomed her first-born son into the world in 2020 with Garrett Hedlund.

JoJo played Hailey Rogers

Before JoJo was cast in Aquamarine as Hailey Rogers, people in the music industry already knew her quite well because of some of her heartfelt pop songs. She has since released quite a bit of new music following the 2006 mermaid flick. She released her Mad Love album in 2016, Good to Know in 2020, and Try Not to Think About It in 2021. Expressing herself through her music has always been important to her. On Instagram, she has more than 2.2 million followers, and she promotes her 2022 music tour in her bio. She posts many gorgeous photos and occasionally uploads a throwback picture or two. Regarding her personal life, she is currently in a relationship with Dexter Darden. He’s an actor you’ll probably recognize from the Maze Runner film series.

Sara Paxton played the titular role of Aquamarine

A proper fairytale movie doesn’t make sense without the right actress cast in the role of the leading magical mermaid. Sara Paxton filled that role, and she did an amazing job bringing about the magical vibes audiences were craving. Fans who want to remain in the loop can keep up with Sara on Instagram. She posts throwback pictures, red carpet shots, and selfies with her best friends. She also shows her pups love by posing with them constantly. If you’re wondering whether or not Sara decided to stay in the acting game, she landed a few movies after Aquamarine between 2009 and 2013. She also has a small role in the upcoming 2022 movie, Blonde. Since 2019, Sara has been married to Zach Cregger, an actor, director, producer, Twitch streamer, writer, and comedian. 

Jake McDorman played Raymond

Raymond was the handsome hunk on the beach that all the girls had a crush on in Aquamarine. He was played by none other than Jake McDorman. He was so good-looking in the film, even the mermaid wanted to catch his attention. According to Jake’s Instagram, he’s been getting into modeling quite a bit over the last couple of years. He recently partook in a project called The Right Stuff, available on Disney+. Celebrating black culture and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement is also very important to Jake. He uploaded a “Happy Juneteenth” post on Instagram and a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” hashtag. From 2015 to 2016, he starred in a series called Limitless and also appears in the 2021 drama series, Dopesick.

Arielle Kebbel played Cecelia Banks

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Arielle Kebbel played the resident mean girl in Aquamarine. Since then, she’s landed other roles in movies such as The Uninvited, 50 Shades Freed, and After We Fell. In terms of television, Arielle starred in shows like The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector, and Ballers. Arielle takes being an actress very seriously. After starring in Aquamarine in 2006, she knew it was something she wanted to continue. On Instagram, she comes across as down-to-earth and posts cute vacation pictures, quirky cat shots, and exquisite photos from nature.

Tammin Sursok played Marjorie

Tammin Sursok played the sidekick of the most popular girl in Aquamarine. She’s been married to producer/writer Sean McEwan since 2011, and they share two precious children: Phoenix Emmanuel and Lennon Bleu Sursok-McEwan. One of the biggest shows fans might recognize Tammin from is her role as Jenna from Pretty Little Liars. These days, she is a writer, content creator, mental health advocate, and anti-bullying activist.

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